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Drum screen, trommel

Барабанный грохот

Drum-type screens (Trommel)

Drum-type screens or trommels  are intended for dispersing the source material into size classes. In dry screening, the thrommel can be used to separate various bulk materials into fractions (sand, crushed stone, coal, peat, garbage, chips, and others).


If the trommel is equipped with an irrigation system, it can be used for washing gold-bearing sands with a small clay content; washing ore containing clay and silt inclusions before feeding to crushing and screening equipment; washing of coals containing clays or clayey sandstones; disintegration of materials from tailing dumps of concentration plants during their secondary processing; etc.


Also, drum-type screens can be used to separate the gravel component from the sand-gravel mixture extracted by the hydromechanized method (after the dredger).

Trommel has a welded frame on which a cylindrical drum and a drive mechanism are mounted, consisting of an engine, a gearbox and a drive shaft. The screening drum is mounted with a slight slope on the frame and can consist of one, two or three screening segments, each of which is made of high-strength steel ribs, connected by reinforcing bars that are securely welded to them.


Removable sieves can be of different designs: sheets with perforated holes, slotted or braided sieves.

The principle of operation of a drum-type screen

Loading of the source material is carried out into the tray of the screening drum. The material that got inside such a drum makes a complex rotational-translational movement, passing through the holes of the drum, is divided into fractions. The small fraction, falling through the holes of the sieve section, enters the next stage of the production cycle, the large fraction ends up in the dump.

The advantage of this type of screens is the simplicity of their design.

Models of drum-type screens (trommels):

Модели грохотов барабанного типа

We offer our customers various options for completing drum-type screens:

  • with the execution of the drive from the central shaft (standard) or from the wheels;

  • with various combinations or types of sieves (wire, polyurethane, perforated or grate);

  • with a flushing system (with spray devices based on nozzles) for wet screening (optional) on any deck;

  • in the version with dust shelters (option), with the possibility of attaching equipment for dust collection;

  • with one-sided or two-sided drum cleaning system (brush cleaners with electric drive) (option) to improve the quality of sieve cleaning;

  • in general industrial (standard) or explosion-proof design.


Drum-type screens are supplied both separately and as a part of:

  • sorting units NT US (include a drum screen itself, an unloading conveyor (if necessary), a loading chute, a support frame, service platforms);

  • sorting units NT UZS (include a feeder, a drum screen, an unloading conveyor (if necessary), a loading chute, a support frame, service platforms).

Units can be stationary, mobile or transportable .

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