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Grain storage silos

Силосы конические гладкостенные

Силосы конические гладкостенные

Производим конические гладкие силосы для зернохранилищ

Силосы конические гофрированные

Силосы конические гофрированные

Изготавливаем гофрированные конические силосы для хранения зерна

Силосы плоскодонные гладкостенные

Силосы плоскодонные гладкостенные

Производство плоскодонных гладкостенных силосов для хранения зерна

Силосы плоскодонные гофрированные

Силосы плоскодонные гофрированные

Изготовление силосов гофрированных плоскодонных для хранения зерна

The main advantages when using silos:

  • Layer-by-layer control of the grain temperature in the container, the presence of upper and lower grain level sensors;

  • The material used for the manufacture of all models of grain silos - high-strength Finnish steel grades НХ260LAB + Zn450 S350GD + Zn450, manufactured by Ruukki ;

  • The optimal way of loading and unloading grain;

  • Reliable protection from atmospheric precipitation, rodents and birds;

  • Simplicity and availability of maintenance.


Grain silos SG and SV (hereinafter referred to as silos) are designed to receive clean and dry grain, its long-term storage with layer-by-layer temperature control, with multiple loading and unloading, with control of the upper and lower levels, as well as to protect grain from damage by rodents and birds and from atmospheric precipitation.

Silo options

  • Along the surface of the cylinder: smooth-walled SG flat-bottomed SGP or SVP

  • By the shape of the bottom: wavy SV (corrugated) conical SGK or SVK

The silo is a cylindrical metal container made of a thin sheet shell, reinforced with a frame made of vertical posts and resting on a concrete base. The top of the silo is covered with a conical roof. The silo bottom can be flat or tapered.

All metal elements of the silo are zinc coated. Coating density of shell sheets, frame and silo technological equipment - not less than 450 g / m2.

Grain silos allow:

  • Air and cool grain

  • Accurately control the temperature

  • Protect grain from precipitation, rodents and birds


Technical characteristics of grain silos

Automated control

Robust design

Built-in sensors for temperature, humidity, load level and other parameters make it easy to monitor all technological processes.


Our engineers design projects to maximize the structural strength of the grain silos.

Anti-corrosion protection

All models of grain silos are reliably protected from corrosion.

Modern manufacturing technologies

At the factory, a zinc layer is applied to high-strength steel by hot galvanizing , which does not corrode and reliably protects equipment from rust.


The enterprises use the latest technological equipment equipped with CNC for cutting and processing sheet steel.

The resulting parts are easy to assemble, forming tight seams and joints protected from the influence of atmospheric precipitation.

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