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Flat-bottomed smooth-walled silos

Силосы плоскодонные гладкостенные

The cylindrical silo tank is made of metal and is mounted on a concrete base using a vertical rack frame. A conical roof is installed on top.

Silos  cereals  are used  for:

  • receiving grain;

  • grain storage and temperature control;

  • multiple unloading and loading of grain;

  • preservation of grain from rodents and birds, as well as from precipitation.


  • useful volume: from 140 to 9410 m3;

  • zinc coating density 450 g / m2;

  • maximum diameter of a flat-bottomed silo: 20.2 m;

  • maximum height of the cylindrical part: 28.06 m;

  • total silo height: 32.76 m.

Силосы с плоским дном
  • Tapered roof rafter sheets have a thickness of 1.5-3 mm. To prevent moisture ingress, the sheets are sealed with a special vulcanizing compound. The bolts that secure the side parts of the structure have sealing gaskets. Thinner sheets are used at the bottom than at the top.

  • The silo has a concrete floor in which air ducts are designed, covered with galvanized sheets. There are also holes in the floor for unloading grain from the silo. The discharge conveyor capacity ranges from 20 to 100 t / h. Full unloading is carried out using a sweep auger with a capacity of up to 80 t / h.

  • Ventilation of grain in the silo is carried out by radial fans installed outside the silo, the volume of air supply is 8 m3 / h per ton of grain. The air from the fans under pressure passes through the air channels in the floor, penetrates and ventilates the grain layer and leaves through the turbofan and exhaust vents (ventilators) on the silo roof.               

    Standard complete set:

  • active ventilation system;

  • deflectors (ventilators);

  • roof fans (turbovent);

  • side and roof ladders;

  • side door;

  • roof hatch;

  • upper level sensor;

  • sweep auger;

  • thermometry system (thermal suspension).                                                                            Additionally installed:

  • control cabinet;

  • loading and unloading conveyors;

  • lower level sensor;

  • loading bucket elevator;

  • flow scales;

  • over-silo gallery.

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