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Heat generators for drying and firing

Теплогенераторы на газу

Теплогенераторы на газу

Производим теплогенераторы на газу

Теплогенераторы на жидком топливе

Теплогенераторы на жидком топливе

Производство теплогенераторов под жидкие виды топлива

Пеллетные горелки

Пеллетные горелки

Изготовление теплогенераторов, работающих на пеллетах

Твердотопливные теплогенераторы

Твердотопливные теплогенераторы

Производство теплогенераторов под твёрдые виды топлива

Solid fuel heat generators, pellet burners.

NPK ENERGOTEK LLC designs and manufactures heat generators, burners, furnaces with thermal power from 50 to 11000 kW, with a step of 50 kW.

We can produce heat generators operating on any fuel:
  • pellets (peat, sunflower husk, wood waste, agricultural pellets (straw, grain waste));

  • briquettes (peat, coal, sunflower husk, wood waste, agricultural raw materials);

  • wood chips

  • firewood

  • coal grades AS, AM, AO, AKM, AK, GR, GD, G, T

  • lignite (brown coal)

  • as well as natural gas, propane-butane, fuel oil, boiler fuel, diesel fuel.


Heat generators are designed to obtain a heat carrier for drying and firing processes. They are completed with drying drums , grain dryers and other types of drying units. Operating temperatures from 50 to 1650 degrees, based on the needs of the customer.


Heat generators for solid and liquid fuels can be aggregated by heat exchangers to obtain a clean coolant, without admixture of combustion products, while the maximum temperature at the outlet of the heat exchanger does not exceed 350 degrees C.

We modernize and replace natural gas or diesel heat generators with solid fuel heat generators. 
Replacement of gas and diesel burners on imported grain dryers with solid fuel heat generators operating on pellets / wood / wood chips.

The warranty is 12 months . After the end of the warranty - discount service.

Basic Attributes
  • Manufacturer: Energotek

  • Country of origin: Ukraine

  • Heat generator type by fuel: Solid fuel

  • Installation method: Floor standing

  • Efficiency: 95.0%

  • Weight: 2000.0 (kg)

  • Warranty period: 12 months

Fuel types

Solid fuels:  Firewood, Wood chips, Pellets, Briquettes, Bark, Coal, Brown coal, Anthracite, Coke

Gas fuels: Other non-corrosive gases, Petroleum, Liquefied, Natural

Liquid fuels:  Diesel, Fuel oil, Furnace, Waste oil

Ordering information

Packing method: Without packing. Shipment to the customer's vehicle.

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