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Jaw crusher

Дробилка щековая

The jaw crusher is ideal for primary and secondary crushing of materials  compressive strength  which is 200-350 MPa.

Energotek designs and manufactures jaw crushers  with a productivity from 10 to 50 tons per hour for materials such as:

  • Refractory bricks;  

  • Silicate brick;

  • Ceramic brick;

  • Dolomite;

  • Granite;

  • Limestone;

  • Metallurgical slags;

  • Coal;

  • And many other similar materials.


The jaw crusher features high crushing ratio, larger capacity, well-distributed end product size, simple structure, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, and lower operating costs. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, construction , etc.


The working principle is that, the material crushing jaw crusher  uses the force of compression. This mechanical pressure is achieved by two  working surfaces (cheeks) of the crusher, one of which is stationary, and the other is mobile. These two vertical surfaces form a V-shaped cavity called the crushing chamber, where the top of the crushing chamber is larger than the bottom. The size of the jaw crushers is determined by the upper opening of the crushing chamber. For example, 800 x 1300, the jaw crusher measures 800mm from jaw die to jaw die in the top hole or gap hole and 1300mm across the two jaws.


The narrower bottom opening of the crushing chamber is used to determine the size of the final material. The toggle switch and tension rods hold the connecting rod firmly at the base of the movable swivel jaw. The toggle switch is designed to act as a safety device and protect the crusher in the event that non-crushing material enters the crushing chamber.


Since material crushing is not performed in one shaft stroke,  massive flywheels are attached to the shaft and powered by a motor. The flywheels transfer the inertia necessary to break the material until it passes through the outlet.

Advantages and features of jaw crushers:

  1. The crusher has a symmetrical V-shape design, large slope, long stroke, larger material block when feeding, higher productivity, uniform output granule, less jaw plate abrasion.

  2. A robust safety bar above the movable jaw protects the inner bearing from damage caused by falling material during feeding.

  3. The jaw crusher is equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic device to adjust the discharge opening. Compared to shims, double block adjustments are easier, more economical, faster and less downtime.

  4. The integrated installation of the motor and crusher frame not only saves space for the jaw crusher, but also reduces the length of the V-belt.

  5. Jaw crushers are not suitable for crushing viscoelastic materials such as polymers, wood and certain metal alloys.

  6. The initial size of the material can reach 100-250 mm. The fraction of the finished product for small crushers is up to 10 mm.

Jaw Crusher Features

  • Crusher manufacturer: LLC Scientific and Production Company "ENERGOTEK"

  • Country of origin: Ukraine

  • Crushing equipment capacity: 10-50 t / h.

  • Electric motor power: 11-75 kW.

  • Crushing Equipment Type: Jaw

  • Crushed material : Hard, non-elastic materials

  • Maximum size of the loaded material: 250 mm

  • Minimum size of the loaded material: 50 mm

  • Mains voltage: 380 V.

  • Crusher weight: 5-25 tons.

  • Warranty period: 12 months.

Jaw Crusher Package

  • Body with crushing plates (cheeks),

  • electric motor,

  • pulley belts,

  • technical certificate.

Ordering information

Packing method: Without packing

Delivery method: Shipment to the customer's vehicle

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