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Belt dryer

Ленточная сушилка

NPK ENERGOTEK LLC  designs and manufactures belt dryers of various modifications for any materials, substances, products suitable for this type of drying.


Belt dryers are often used in the food industry, in the production of feed, they are also used for preliminary drying of fuel, fragile materials ( briquettes, pellets of any substances ), sticky materials ( high-moisture suspensions, yeast, molasses, honey , etc.), clumping materials ( slimes, slags, concentrates, ores of some ore and non-ore minerals ), bone materials ( grasses, straw, alfalfa, plant leaves ).

The belt dryer is a continuous penetrating flow drying equipment designed to dry well ventilated materials where the moisture content is high and the drying temperature is not high.

It is the best choice for drying at low temperatures . Typically starting moisture: 60-85%, final moisture of already dried material: 1-20% (depending on customer requirements).

Ленточная сушилка

Belt dryers designed and manufactured by our company  consist of a drying chamber, a feeding and unloading device, a heat resource, an electrical control cabinet, an exhaust fan and other devices.


Depending on the type of fuel, a solid fuel heat generator (coal, wood chips, biomass), a gas heat generator, a liquid fuel heat generator - (diesel, mining, heating oil, etc.) can be selected as a heat source.

Ленточная сшилка

The principle of operation of a belt dryer is to evenly place the wet material in a steel mesh​​ tape or flat tape (depending on the material), as well as in the continuous movement of the tape back and forth, and parallel blowing with a coolant (air, gas) at the desired temperature, after which moisture is removed from the material to achieve the drying goal.


The belt dryer consists of several units . Each block is connected so that hot air can be used consistently. And it improves the drying effect. Hot air is always around the surface of the raw material and converts the moisture in the material into water vapor, then the raw material completes the drying process.


There are several small blowers at the top of the belt dryer. Small blowers evacuate water vapor and leave raw material dried.

The advantage of belt dryers is low mobility (or even complete immobility) of the material during drying, which ensures its shape and size stability and, accordingly, good quality of the final product .

The type and type of belt dryer is calculated individually, depending on the required capacity to remove moisture in kg / hour, on the initial and final moisture content of the product.

When buying or ordering drying equipment in our company  we provide all the necessary documents - a data sheet, an operation manual, installation and aggregation schemes with feeding and unloading material. We also provide any feasible advisory assistance in the preparation of project documentation for coordination with government agencies.

Warranty for drying equipment "Energotek" - 24 months.


After the end of the warranty - discount service.

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