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Belt conveyor / conveyor

ленточный конвейер

Belt conveyor, belt conveyor

NPK ENERGOTEK LLC produces conveyors, belt conveyors with a capacity of 0.5 to 1000 tons per hour .

For all industries and agriculture.

Belt conveyor (belt conveyor) is a continuous transporting device with a working body in the form of a belt.

The belt conveyor is the most common type of transporting machines; it is used to move bulk or piece goods. It is used in industrial production, in mines and mines, in agriculture .


The load moves along the belt in a horizontal plane or at an angle of 15 ° to 30 ° to the horizon, depending on the angle of repose of the material.

If it is necessary to move the load, material at an angle of more than 30-35 ° to the horizon, instead of a belt conveyor (belt conveyor), use a belt-scraper conveyor (belt-scraper conveyor) or a chain scraper conveyor.

Belt conveyors are mobile, portable, rotary and stationary . Stationary machines are used to move a large amount of materials over a distance of 30 to 3000 m and have a capacity of 1 to 1000 tons per hour, and mobile and portable machines are used to move a small amount of material over a distance of 2 to 20 m, and have a capacity of 0, 5 to 250 tons per hour .

The length of the conveyor , depending on the needs of the customer, can be from 0.5 to 80 meters .

The width of the conveyor belts can be from 200mm to 2000mm.


An ideal option for the transportation of any bulk (both wet and dry), lumpy and lumpy materials.

All necessary documents are attached to the conveyor.

Technical passport, operation manual, assistance in the preparation of project documentation.

The warranty is 12 months. After the end of the warranty - discount service.

Conveyor characteristics

Basic Attributes

  • Manufacturer: Energotek

  • Country of origin: Ukraine

  • Type of transported cargo: Bulk

  • Conveyor type by the presence of a traction mechanism: With a traction mechanism

  • Traction Conveyor Type: Belt

  • Type of conveyor on the load-carrying mechanism: Belt

  • The principle of moving the load on the conveyor: On a continuous belt

  • Warranty period: 12 (months)

Ordering information

Packing method: Without packing.

Shipment to the customer's vehicle.

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