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Elastic sleeve-finger couplings

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Elastic sleeve-finger clutch ; ( MUVP coupling ) for general machine-building application, designed to connect coaxial shafts when transmitting torque from 6.3 to 16000 Nm and reducing dynamic loads.

MUVP coupling advantages

The elastic sleeve-finger coupling has good elasticity, high damping and electrical insulating ability, easy to manufacture, reliable in operation. MUVP couplings are widely used, especially for connecting electric motors with actuators (machines) with 19 <d <160 mm.

The design of the elastic sleeve-finger coupling.


The design of the MUVP coupling is similar to the flange coupling; instead of the connecting bolts, the elastic coupling has steel MUVP pins on which elastic (rubber, leather, etc.) bushings are installed. The torque is transmitted through the fingers, which are fitted with elastic elements (bushings or rings).


Elastic elements make it possible to compensate for minor axial (for small couplings 1–5 mm; for large couplings 2–15 mm), radial (0.3–0.7 mm) and angular (up to 30 ') shaft displacements. With an increase in the displacement of the shafts, the deformation of the elastic elements increases, and as a result, the service life of the MUVP sleeve and the MUVP ring decreases. The grooves in the rubber bushings increase the elasticity of the element.

When choosing a coupling, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the shafts . Sometimes it turns out that in terms of torque, for example, the MUVP-6 clutch is suitable, and the shafts on which it is planned to be installed have a larger diameter than is provided for this clutch. Then it is necessary to choose a larger coupling.

Table 1.  Selection of bushing-pin couplings according to the nominal parameters of the electric motor

Таблица с типоразмерами муфт

Table 2: Basic parameters, overall and connecting dimensions of MUVP couplings. 

Таблица с типоразмерами муфт

Conditions for transportation and storage of MUVP couplings

It is recommended to transport the coupling disassembled .

At the request of the client, it is possible to transport assembled without packaging - in this case, it is necessary to protect the coupling parts from corrosion, shock and mechanical damage, and also to exclude contact of elastic elements with aggressive substances (such as oil, gasoline, solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.) etc.).

The couplings should be stored at an air temperature not exceeding 20 ° С and a relative humidity not exceeding 65% .

It is necessary to protect the couplings from direct sunlight, heating devices and contact of elastic elements with aggressive chemicals.

It is recommended to store the couplings on racks , stacked in one row .

Features of installation and operation of the MUVP coupling

For ease of installation, it is recommended to mount the hub on the shaft at low heat. It is also necessary to provide axial fastening of the hub using a set screw or thrust washer.

Operation of the sleeve-finger coupling of the coupling is carried out in the temperature range from -30 to + 90 ° С (with an admissible short-term heating up to + 120 ° С).


The upper operating temperature limit is limited in order to ensure long-term failure-free operation of elastic elements (rings or bushings). Climatic versions are possible - U1, U2, UZ, UHL-4, T1, T2, TZ and O4 in accordance with GOST 15150

For maximum efficiency  bush-finger coupling and minimal wear, strict alignment of the connected shafts is required.

Long-term operation of the clutch (within 24 hours) with periodic stops is possible.

The rotation speed is not more than the value indicated in the table of technical characteristics.

Rotation is possible in any direction .

Scope of the MUVP coupling

The elastic sleeve-finger clutch is a clutch for general machine-building applications, and is suitable for almost all drive mechanisms.

Very often used in large drives.

Suitable for pumping units, gearboxes, machine tools, fans , etc.


An example of a conventional designation of a MUVP coupling

Elastic sleeve-pin coupling with a nominal torque of 250 Nm, bore diameter d = 40 mm, version 1 of climatic version U and category 3:

Elastic sleeve-finger coupling 250—40—1 UZ GOST 21424—93

The same with a nominal torque of 250 Nm, one of the half-couplings with a diameter of d - 32 mm. version 1.other - with a diameter of d- 40 mm, version 4, climatic version T and category 2:

Elastic sleeve-finger coupling 250—32—1—40—4 T2 GOST 21424-93

Note - In the designation of the coupling, after the value of the rated torque, indicate the designation of the coupling half with holes for fastening the pins.

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