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Grain Cooler

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Grain cooler

A device for cooling hot (from 50-60 degrees C.) grain after drying to ambient temperatures. Our company offers the latest grain coolers featuring low energy consumption and high cooling rates.

NPK ENERGOTEK LLC manufactures grain coolers of any type - silo type (OBV 25, OBV 40), shaft type (like grain dryers like DSP 25, DSP 32), modular type, drum type, vibro-boiling bed cooler .

How to increase the productivity of a grain dryer ? If you want to increase the productivity of your grain dryers, sections / complexes for drying grain with minimal costs, then installing a grain cooler is the best solution.


It is known that grain dryers of any type and design, of any manufacturer, have one significant drawback - a decrease in productivity in the drying mode with subsequent cooling.


So, for example, a dryer with a drying capacity of 30 tons of grain per hour will have a reduced capacity in a drying mode with subsequent cooling.  - about 20 tons per hour, instead of 30 tons per hour. It turns out that the loss of productivity is 10 tons per hour or more.

This problem can be solved in two ways:

  1. Purchase a new grain dryer with a capacity of 10 tons per hour and, in addition to it, all the attendant problems - provision of fuel, arrangement of an intake pit, arrangement of loading and unloading conveyors / bucket elevators, etc.

  2. Purchase a grain cooler for 30 tons per hour. This will be much more profitable - no additional fuel is needed, no additional dumping pit is needed, a large number of conveyors / elevators are not needed to feed / dispense grain, the cooler itself is 30 tons per hour much cheaper than a new grain dryer at 10 tons per hour.

The grain cooler, in turn, can be of two types: flow-through ( continuous type ) and batch ( discrete type ).  The type of cooler is preferably selected based on the type of grain dryer.

If you have (or are planning) a flow-type grain dryer (a conventional mine grain dryer such as ДСП 32, ДСП 50), then it is better to take a flow-through type cooler.

If you have a batch-type grain dryer on your farm (SUKUP, Pedrotti, Agrimex, MEPU, etc.), then the cooler must also be of the batch type.

We manufacture chillers of any capacity according to your needs.

Grain coolers are made individually for the specific needs of each client and are not made to the warehouse.

Warranty - 24 months.

Grain cooler characteristics

Basic Attributes

Manufacturer: Energotek

Country of origin: Ukraine

Capacity: (m3) 100.0

Capacity: (t) 100.0

additional characteristics

Productivity: t / h. From 3 to 100

Specific energy consumption per 1 ton of chilled grain: from 0.3 to 0.5 kW

Chiller Ordering Information

Packing method: Without packing.

Shipment to the customer's vehicle.

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