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Grain handler, stacker, shiploader

Перегрузчик зерна, стакер, судопогрузчик

Grain unloader, stacker, shiploader.

Our organization develops and manufactures various equipment for loading / unloading cars, wagons, ships , incl. non-standard.


Sudopogruzchik reloaders of grain, grain truck, grain handlers. Conveyors, scraper conveyors such as TSC, UTF , with a capacity of 1 to 1000 tons of grain per hour .


On the basis of scraper and belt conveyors, solutions are offered for unloading vehicles without creating an access pit or truck unloaders and further transferring grain to bunkers / storage facilities, dryers, etc. 

Our grain handlers are mobile, portable, rotary and stationary .


Stationary machines are used for unloading / loading a large number of agricultural products - from 50 tons / hour to 1000 tons / hour at a distance of 20 to 70 m, and mobile and portable machines - for moving a small amount of agricultural products (up to 500 tons / hour) at a distance from 2 to 27m. The width of the belt for such reloaders is from 600 to 1400 mm.  

We also manufacture mobile grain handlers that allow you to carry out loading and unloading operations right in the field. Grain transshipment from automobiles to wagons, from wagons to automobiles (does not require the arrangement of a special receiving pit under the rail and sleeper grid), from automobiles to ships, from automobile to automobile.

All documents. Technical passport, operation manual, assistance in the preparation of project documentation.

The guarantee is 15 months. After the end of the warranty - discount service.

Grain Loader Features

Basic Attributes

Manufacturer: Energotek

Country of origin: Ukraine

Type of transported cargo: Bulk

Conveyor type by the presence of a traction mechanism: With a traction mechanism

Traction Conveyor Type: Belt

Type of conveyor on the load-carrying mechanism: Belt

The principle of moving the load on the conveyor: On a solid belt

Warranty period: 12 (months)

Ordering information

Packing method: Without packing .

Shipment to the customer's vehicle .

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