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Butara scrubber

Скруббер бутара

Butara scrubber

Butara scrubber  intended  for the disintegration of clay and silty impurities from natural soils, sands of ore and placer deposits, washing of alluvial ores, primary deposits and nonmetallic materials with subsequent classification, as well as for washing various kinds of raw materials in schemes for the disposal of secondary materials of artificial origin.

The scrubber includes a welded frame, on which a cylindrical drum and a drive mechanism are mounted, consisting of gear motors and drive wheels. The geared motor sets the rotation of the drive rollers, which, in turn, transmit the rotation to the drum mounted on them. To increase the efficiency of using the effective area of the scrubber, the inner space of the drum is divided by partitions with increasing throughput diameters. Discharge vanes on the partitions, and on the inner surface of the drum, working vanes increase the productivity of the equipment.

Butara is a drum classifier and is connected to the scrubber without its own drive. Butara is a frame, the outer surface of which is intended for the installation of sieve sieves. For better distribution of the pulp over the sieve, a conveyor unloading auger is installed on the inner surface of the butary. Removable sieves can be of different designs: sheets with perforated holes, slotted or braided sieves.

The principle of operation of the scrubber-butar

The dry mass of the starting material, together with the process water, is fed into the loading window located at the end of the scrubber. The rotation of the scrubber drum results in crushing the product with working blades, mixing and rinsing with process water. The rotor blades improve the process of crushing, mixing and washing the bulk product, and the unloading blades improve its movement in the inner chambers of the drum. The slurry from the scrubber goes to butara, where it is divided into the required size of the source material. The dimensions of the screening holes or slots are determined based on the size of the useful component and the choice of concentrators.

Advantages  scrubber - butar:

  • simplicity of construction, maintenance and repair

  • high performance and reliability

  • universality of application when working with various materials

  • low power consumption and the ability to save on operating costs.

Also, based on the model and likeness of a scrubber - butar, our company produces drum sieves and screens.


Basic Attributes

Manufacturer Energotek

Country of origin Ukraine

additional characteristics

Productivity cbm. hours from 3 to 160.

Installed electric power, kW. From 3 to 60.

Ordering information

Packing method: Without packing. Shipment to the customer's vehicle.

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