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Yeast dryer

Сушилка для дрожжей

Yeast dryer and brewer's yeast dryer.

Our company can design and manufacture any drying units for drying yeast and in particular  - brewer's yeast.  

For drying yeast, and in particular brewer's yeast, various types of dryers can be used. These are belt dryer, roller dryer, spray dryer .


A spray dryer is used in rare cases when the initial moisture content of the yeast mass is very high 80-95% and there is no possibility (for various reasons) to reduce it by mechanical means to 60-75%. In most cases, such a possibility exists and therefore they use either a belt dryer or a roller dryer for drying. A conventional drum dryer can also be used.

The roller dryer body mainly consists of a drying cylinder (drum), a frame, a drive system, a scraper, a limited material, a scraper, a material leaching device, and a steam path system.


































It is a kind of dryer that heats the material and evaporates moisture by indirect heating - steam through the walls.


The dryer cylinder (drum) is a metal hollow cylinder, the surface of which is extremely smooth, driven by a transmission device (gear and pinion or belt drive), the dryer cylinder rotates in the axial direction and the rotation speed is adjustable.


The suspension is preheated in a preheating tank, when heated to about 50 ℃, the suspension is pumped to the surface of the rotating cylinder and will be covered with a layer of homogeneous suspension (film thickness is adjustable), the vapor pressure in the dryer cylinder is 0.15-0.3 MPa, the suspension is heats up on the outer surface of the dryer cylinder, after evaporation, the moisture will be forced out by the exhaust fan.


Drying will be completed in one circle of rotation, part of the material on the outer surface of the dry cylinder is scrubbed with a scraper and falls into the collection outlet.

Advantages of the yeast roller dryer:

  1. High thermal efficiency.

  2. High performance range and wide application. Various drying ratios of the dryer can be adjusted, such as feed liquid concentration, material film thickness, heating medium temperature, drum speed, etc.

  3. Short drying time. The drying time of materials is usually 10 to 300 seconds, so it is suitable for heat sensitive materials. It can also be operated under reduced pressure if placed in a vacuum vessel.


Factors influencing the performance of a drum dryer:

  1. Steam pressure (0.1-0.4 MPa) and medium temperature.

  2. Rotation speed (4 ~ 10 rpm).

  3. The thickness of the layer of materials fixed to the surface of the dryer.

  4. Properties of wet materials (e.g. solids content, flowability, temperature, etc.).


However, it should be noted that roller dryers also have disadvantages when the product is very fluid and heterogeneous, as well as when gentle drying is required. In such cases (and they are quite common), a belt dryer is used. It provides higher productivity and more gentle drying modes.


The cost of the drying unit is calculated individually, depending on the type of product, the initial and final moisture content of the product, capacity in t / h.

When buying equipment from our company  we provide all the necessary documents - a data sheet, an operation manual, installation and aggregation schemes with feeding and unloading material. We also provide any feasible advisory assistance in the preparation of project documentation for coordination with government agencies.

Our yeast drying equipment has a 24 month warranty.


After the end of the warranty - discount service.

сушильный комплекс для дрожжей
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