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Fluidized bed dryer

Сушилка кипящего слоя

Fluidized bed drying unit.

Drying unit for drying bulk materials with a capacity of 100 kg to 10 tons. at one o'clock.

A versatile drying unit with high performance and small dimensions. The most economical drying method and the smallest heat consumption to remove% moisture, provided that the particle size distribution parameters are observed. Suitable for bulk sizes from 0.05mm. (50μm), up to 10mm. and humidity from 1 to 50%.


The main feature of this apparatus is a high removal of moisture from a unit of volume of a drying unit , due to which the dimensions of the apparatus, other things being equal, are 2.5-3.5 times less than those of drying drums. But at the same time they are more expensive !!!

Requirements for drying materials.


The main requirement is the narrowest possible particle size distribution. For example, for sand drying it is 0.4-1.5 mm. For granulated blast furnace slag it is 0.5-3 mm. In this case, the unit can be configured to operate with minimal dust removal, which will significantly reduce capital investments in the dust cleaning and gas removal system.


In the case of a wide particle size distribution, for example, 0.1 - 5 mm., During the drying process there will be a significant removal of small particles - 0.1-0.25 mm. And due to the fact that large (2-5mm in this example) particles will require  significant flow rates of the heat agent to provide "boiling", while for small particles these rates will, on the contrary, be very high, this will lead to a significant carryover of small particles ..

Also, materials for drying should not stick together and be very wet (more than 50-60% humidity). For this reason, for example, drying sawdust with a moisture content of more than 50% is not advisable. Also, it is not advisable to dry brewer's grains and alcohol stillage on such dryers.

The materials for which this type of drying unit will be most optimal are:

  • - sand;

  • - granulated blast furnace slag;

  • - grain screening;

  • - food products (casein, lecithin, cereal flakes, coffee cake, and other products not too prone to clumping);

  • - organic chemistry products (granules, PVC flakes, PET, HDPE, LDPE);

  • - mineral fertilizers - urea, ammonium sulfate, ammophos, various fertilizer mixtures and many others;

  • - organo-mineral fertilizers.

It should also be noted that this type of drying unit works optimally only on liquid and / or gaseous fuels. Additionally - electric heating is possible. As a rule, such dryers do not work on solid fuels.

On request - we design and manufacture fluidized bed furnaces for firing materials in a fluidized bed. Firing temperatures - from 100 to 1100 degrees.

Drying units are guaranteed for 24 months.

All documents - technical data sheet, operation manual.

After the end of the warranty - discount service.

Characteristics of drying units

Basic Attributes

Manufacturer  Energotek
Manufacturer country
Guarantee period
  24 (month)

additional characteristics

Performance  from 1 to 10 t / h
Dimensions of the maximum configuration LxWxH
Minimum set weight
  1000 kg.
Consumed power
  from 15 to 55 kW / h.
Dimensions of the minimum configuration LxWxH
Maximum configuration weight , no more
  7000 kg.

Drying unit ordering information

Packing method: Without packing.


Shipment to the customer's vehicle.

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