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Grain dryer

Зероносушилка сушилка для зерна

Mine grain dryer.

LLC "NPK" ENERGOTEK "designs and manufactures grain dryers of various types and types . Grain dryers for drying grain of wheat, sunflower, soybeans, beans, corn, rye, barley , etc.

Mine-type grain dryer (mine grain dryer) for drying grain of wheat, sunflower, soybeans, rye, barley, etc. Productivity from 1 ton to 32 tons per hour. Fuel - gas, diesel fuel, solid fuel - pellets, firewood, straw bales.


The main advantage of shaft dryers over drum dryers is a gentle drying mode , when the grain is not injured by falling off the shelves. However, it also has disadvantages - low drying intensity, low drying temperatures (no higher than 100-120 degrees C, and in a drum dryer, for example, when drying sunflower, it can be raised to 180-200 degrees C).


Foundation required, noria .


Our grain dryers are of shaft type, they are  improved analogues of the SZSh 16, DSP 25, DSP 32 dryers that existed earlier in the Soviet era, which were in many agricultural enterprises.

Mine-type grain dryers for drying grain of wheat, sunflower, soybeans, rye, barley, etc. Productivity from 1 ton to 32 tons per hour. Fuel - gas, diesel fuel, solid fuel - briquettes, pellets, firewood, straw bales. Produced as analogues of SZSh16, DSP 25, DSP 32 dryers. The dryer is modular, consisting of separate sections.

These grain dryers are additionally equipped with the necessary units - a heat generator , a smoke exhauster, a cyclone , loading / unloading conveyors , a cooler . It is possible to install heat generators operating on any type of fuel - gas, diesel fuel, fuel oil, solid fuel (straw, sunflower husk, firewood).

If a solid fuel heat generator is installed on the grain dryer, it should be remembered that a heat exchanger with a blower fan is also required for the heat generator, since according to the current standards established for drying grain,  it is forbidden to dry grain with combustion products from solid fuels .

We can also realize separately the elements of the drying complex - heat generator, conveyors, fans.

We carry out work on the reconstruction of dryers, transfer to alternative fuels .

The minimum cost of drying - only on our equipment.

We provide all the necessary documents . Technical passport, operation manual, assistance in the preparation of project documentation.

The guarantee for the grain dryer is 12 months.

After the end of the warranty - discount service.

To obtain the exact cost of a grain dryer, please contact us by phone or send a written request.  

Characteristics of grain dryers

Basic Attributes

Manufacturer  Energotek
Manufacturer country
Capacity (m3)
Capacity (t)
Performance (Corn)
  3.0 (tons / hour)
Productivity (Wheat)
  5.0 (tons / hour)
Performance (Soy)
  2.0 (tons / hour)
Performance (Sunflower)
   2.0 (tons / hour)
Productivity t / h, minimum
Productivity t / h, maximum

Ordering information

Delivery - by passing transport or by the customer's motor transport.

Shipped without packaging - not required.

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