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Alfalfa dryer

Сушилка для люцерны

NPK ENERGOTEK LLC  designs and manufactures tumble dryers  as well as drying units of other types and modifications for drying alfalfa and other similar materials, with a capacity of 500 kg / h to 10 tons of alfalfa per hour .

Depending on the needs of the customer, as well as the size of the alfalfa (chopped into 10-30mm, or 50-100mm, or a solid stem of 300-1000mm), different types of dryers are used to dry the alfalfa. For chopped alfalfa, a classic convection tumble dryer is better suited. Slightly worse - aerodynamic drying units . And for whole-stem alfalfa, a tumble dryer, like an aerodynamic dryer, is not suitable. In this case, it is best to use a belt or conveyor dryer . For more information on belt and conveyor dryers, see the relevant sections.


The alfalfa drying drum is suitable for mass production of forage, and its fuel consumption is much lower than that of a traditional ABM type aerodynamic dryer. Estimated energy savings in comparison with other types of drying units common in Ukraine will be 60-70 UAH. for 1 ton of dry raw materials.

According to customers' goals, the alfalfa dryer can be used for two purposes -  firstly, the alfalfa dryer can be used to pre-dry wet feed to a moisture content of about 60-70% and then use it for production  silo; Second, the alfalfa dryer can be used to directly heat and dry alfalfa and reduce the moisture content of alfalfa to 13-15%, which is suitable for long-term storage and preparation of alfalfa pellets.

Our drying units for drying alfalfa are mainly aggregated with heat generators operating on solid fuels (wood burning stoves, coal furnaces, wood chips furnaces). It is also possible to use heat generators running on gas or liquid fuel at the request of the customer.

The most easy-to-maintain and economical heat generators are those that run on wood and coarsely crushed wood chips. They are not subject to automation, and require constant monitoring - the presence of a stoker is a must. On such heat generators the lowest cost of drying is obtained - and this is the main advantage of a solid fuel heat generator.


If you are a supporter of full automation of production, then a heat generator on finely chopped chips (no more than 10-30mm) is more suitable for you. True, the automation of the process does not lead to the complete removal of people from the fuel supply process.

Alfalfa Drum Dryer Advantages:

  1. Small investment, quick effect, good economic effect and reliable operation.

  2. Low power consumption, stable performance, convenient maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology and low cost.

  3. It has a large specific drying capacity, smooth operation, easy operation.

The parameters and cost of a drying drum or belt dryer are calculated individually, depending on the required capacity in tons per hour and the initial and final moisture content of the product.

When buying equipment from our company  we provide all the necessary documents - a data sheet, an operation manual, installation and aggregation schemes with feeding and unloading material. We also provide any feasible advisory assistance in the preparation of project documentation for coordination with government agencies.

Drying equipment warranty - 24 months.

After the end of the warranty - discount service.

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